Survive / Some hard truths about Rape

Rape - It’s not your fault

This candle is a constant reminder of those women who weren’t as lucky as i was. So many violent crimes against women happen each year, many as a result of sexual abuse of one form or another. They didn’t come out of their battle alive. I did. I am a survivor.

Some Misconceptions and Facts about rape

These facts were compiled from a combination of many lists from various rape crisis centres. (American information from the Department Of Justice)

Facts and figures the shocking truth

On trial the victim of rape or the perpetrator?

Why is it that so many rape victims feel it is them and not the alleged rapists who are put on trial in the court room?

After reading the facts is it really so hard to understand why so many women are reluctant to persue their allegations of rape through the justice system as it stands right now? So many women feel that to go through the discrimination of the courts, finding the strength and determination that is needed to be able to withstand the rigorous ordeals of the questioning only to face the prospect of the perpetrator not being convicted or being accused of a lesser charge is way beyond their capability. The law as it stands offers little deterrent to rapists, and even less justice to its victim. So, until the justice laws are reformed i see little hope that more rape victims will come forward and feel able to report these insidious, heinous crimes, when faced with the knowledge of the courtroom proceedures reflected here.